4 Things A Vaping Newbie Should Know

For vaping newbie, the whole process can be very confusing. The verbiage used in the industry is like a foreign language all of its very own. The most common used words when talking about electronic cigarettes and the act of vaping all very different meanings within the industry.

  • Clearomizers
  • Coils
  • Juice
  • Mods
  • Sub Ohm
  • Tanks

Just trying to understand these words and what they mean can make a newbie uncomfortable and unsure of this new habit/hobby. And who wants to be uncomfortable when they’re trying something new?

Here, we are going to review the different components to set up a vape system, how each of those components work, the different aspects of them, and how to choose the right equipment for you so that you can get the best experience as possible vaping.

So continue reading, enjoy what you’re learning, and if you still have questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you might need.

  1. How Does The Electronic Cigarette Work?

For most people, smokers and non-smokers alike, the first question they will ask is “How does this work?” Well, the answer isn’t as simple as the question.  The brief answer is: The device has a tank where the e-liquid goes. A cotton wick goes inside that to absorb the e-juice. Then when the device is activated, the coils in the tank, aka, the clearomizer heats up and evaporates the juice evaporates, creating a vapor that is inhaled.

  1. What Is An Electronic Cigarette Made Of?

The electronic cigarette is a fairly simple system. It converts the e-liquid to vapor. However, within the world of electronic cigarettes, there are various types.

The device itself as a whole is referred to as the atomizer. There are three different types:

  • Cartomizer
  • Claromizer
  • Glassomizer

Each electronic cigarette has a battery, coils, and tank. Altogether, this is referred to as the mod. The battery is how the device is powered. Some styles of e-cigs have the battery integrated as one piece, some have replaceable batteries. The coiled wires heat the e-liquid that is on the cotton wick and thus, the vapor is created to be inhaled.

  1. What Type of Tank Should Be Used?

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the opinions are as varied as the people that vape. Everyone has their own opinion and preference, making it difficult to determine which component is more important. But, starting with the tank is probably the best place.

They all function the same way, but there are many different ones to choose from. The tank is where the e-juice and cotton wick go. Most people choose their tank by the volume it holds and the second determining factor is the budget.

Source – http://e-cigreviews.org.uk/best-sub-ohm-vape-tanks

  1. How Often Does The Coil Need To Changed?

Since the coil and tank go together, there is no argument that they are the most important parts of our device. Each brand of these two parts will have different life time, but the coils will need to be changed over time as they wear down. You will know it is time because the vapor taste will begin to change. You can either buy a new coil each time or buy coils that are rebuildable.

The UK Offers Some Of The Best Places For A Girls Night Out

Cities in the United Kingdom are crammed full of exciting things to do all the time, but especially at night. There are lots of British pubs and night clubs offering an assortment of music. And don’t forget the theater … here you’ll see some of the best shows ever! The 5 cities that have the most of the best in the UK are listed here. Use this list to make plans for a special birthday party, a bridal shower or just a girls night out.

Newcastle Nights Out Never End

Newcastle Nights Out Never End

Head to Newcastle for the best live music in all of UK. The Tyne Bar is a popular hangout with and outdoor stage where they host free musical performances. If you’re lucky, you’ll hit a night when they’re having a jam session in their cool atmosphere that includes a disco ball that is spinning under the Glasshouse Bridge. The views of the river are fabulous at this tucked away pub!

If you ladies prefer a little bit of fancy, the City Vaults bar & club has a great dance floor, with digital club nights where live music is playing all night long. A traditional pub that as good beer is the Crown Posada. Set in a Victorian architecture with stained glass windows and dark wood paneling, the authentic wall lamps makes for a cosy atmosphere.

Getting About In Newcastle

Plan your girls night on a Friday or Saturday and you can catch a night bus in the later hours to get you around from club to pub. There are several convenient stops throughout Durham, Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland, and Washington.

Manchester Has A Night Life To Be ExperiencedManchester Has A Night Life To Be Experienced

Head straight to the center of Manchester and you’ll have lots of things to choose from. The city has bars and nightclubs all over the place, like the Alter Ego located on Princess Street or The Fantasy Bar at Deansgate. If you have a themed hendo, the Oxford Road Corridor is where you’ll find the most vibrant clubs in the city. To get your night started, try ‘The Deaf Institute‘  and then ‘Space‘, or if mainstream isn’t your thing, you’ll find alternative at the many independent bars in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.

For a lady’s night out on the town, a night of theater is always a pleasure. The Opera House in Quay Street hosts touring ballet, concerts, and musicals all year long. Or head over to Oxford Street to the Manchester Palace theater and catch productions like ‘West Side Story’.

Getting Around Manchester

To get from Manchester to any of the nearby towns, you won’t have any problem, especially on Friday & Saturday nights when the buses are running later. They have central placed stops and can get you connected to Piccadilly Gardens and Shudehill Interchange as well as other city center areas of Manchester.

You’ll Love London at Night

The night life in the nation’s capital is rich and varied. Begin your girls night out with dinner at a fine restaurant in London like La Gavroche, The Ivy, or The Ledbury. Get into the center of London for some the best bars and nightclubs then take the group in to Dalston or Vauxhall.  You’ll find live music to everyone’s taste whether it’s blues, classical, country, or Indie.

Start your night out in Camden, Shoreditch, or Soho and if you’re tired to get back home, you’ll find several hotels in London where you can call it a night.

Getting Around London

Get to Piccadilly and visit the The Ritz Club where they offer limo service and have one of the best casinos and night clubs.  There is a fabulous restaurant and top dinner off at the upscale bar. The trains in London run to most of the nearby cities and have a frequent running night service. Accessibility has improved over the past few years.

The Glasgow Nightlife – Nothing Else Like It

The Glasgow Nightlife

If you have heard anything about Glasgow, it was probably about the legendary night life here. Starting with the hottest spot in the city is the 25-year-old Sub Club. The basement location with a low ceiling makes for the best sound system you’ll ever hear.

You’ll find a lot of action at the city center if you’re looking hopping bars and nightclubs. At Nice n’ Sleazy, you will hear one of Glasgow’s finest jukeboxes playing the coolest tunes while you much out on cheap food, a great way to have a girls night out on a budget! And around Sauchiehall Street is the largest cluster of bars and clubs. The hotels located in Glasgow have the best accommodations if you stay too late at the night clubs enjoying the entertainment – all under one roof.

Getting Around Glascow

You’ll find that traveling at night by bus is one of the most common and convenient ways to get around in the UK, even in Glasgow. There are connections to Edinburgh and London and run late into the night. The bus ride alone can be a party with the other passengers!

Brighton Where The Lights Never Burn Out

Brighton Where The Lights Never Burn Out

One of the UK’s most legendary cities for a nightlife is Brighton. Any girls night out that wants to party on and rock it out in a club scene, this is where you’ll find the top venues to do it. Start at Coalition under the Kings Road Arches for live music. And just a short walk on the beach is Volks, home of the underground club nights for 20 years.  You probably should start out with some grub before you hit those places though and there are plenty of fantastic restaurants to do just that. Like Burger Brothers or Plateau and if you miss the last train out to get home, the Upper Rock Gardens is one of the most cosy places to crash.

Getting Around Brighton

All of the nightclubs in Brighton connect by buss for a flat fare within the city limits. You can also take a bus to connect Saltdean, Shoreham, and Patcham. Every night of the week you can catch a night bus to Brighton Marina from Hove Street or to Sussex University from Portslade Station, a great connection for the college girls night out!